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Considering timber flooring for your kitchen?

There are so many different options to choose from if you’re considering timber floors for your new kitchen.

When renovating your kitchen or installing a new one, flooring is one of the top decisions that needs to be decided on early. If you’re thinking about using floor boards the upside is they age beautifully, absorb sound and can be matched to the style of the home easily.  Depending on your design aesthetic.

When choosing the colour for your flooring, timbers appeal is hard to ignore.  With the ability to transform a room from light and minimal to dark and luxurious, it’s a perfect choice. With regular maintenance they will last a lifetime so they are definitely a great long-term option.

Here’s our top 5 picks for to add to your reno mood board when thinking about your new kitchen flooring:

1. Neutral & pale – if you’re looking for the minimalist look, opt for a pale scandi type floor board.

2. Timber on timber – Using a wide timber floor board in the same colour as your cabinetry, will look sleek. Break it up with black linear detailing around the edges of the cupboards and window/ door frames.


3. Dark & Moody – imagine an all-white kitchen against dark black floor board. Heaven!

4. Shine Bright – Instead of opting for a matt or semi-matt finish, go for full gloss in a glorious wood.

Shine Bright Wood Floor - Blog Image

Image: Beaches Timber Floors

5. White Wash – If you’re looking for a clean look and feel, the white washing option is for you.

White Washing Kitchen Floor - Blog Image

Image: Pinterest

Once installed, it’s easy to maintain your new timber floor – just follow our easy steps:

  1. Make sure to clean off dirt and grit regularly to avoid it scratching your floor. A regular sweep of your flooring and the use of small rugs and runners is the best way to take care of your floor and make sure it lasts a lifetime.
  2. Moving furniture or heavy objects across the floor can lead to surface damage. Always make note to apply protective pads to the legs of furniture so they can be moved without the risk of scuffing the floor.
  3. Take extra care when wearing or removing high heels as they can dent any hard surface floor.
  4. To remove ground-in dirt and grit, use a damp mop to clean the floor.
  5. It is vital that the mop used to clean your floor is wrung out to ensure as little solution as possible touches the floor. Over-wetting the floor can change the moisture balance as discussed above and cause the boards to expand. In some cases this can lead to cupping.
  6. Wipe up all spills with a dry cloth or paper towel. For sticky substances, moisten cloths slightly. Make sure to clean floor regularly to keep it looking better for longer.


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